Sore Throat Saviour – For Singers and Shouters – and Everyone Else

November 24, 2010

I sent out an SOS this week as I was suffering from the aftermath of a cold which had left me sounding like Fenella Fielding (younger readers ask your parents, sorry grandparents) and my choir had a big performance to give in a few days time. I always take echinacea and vitamin C for a cold but a new product from Kiwiherb has the Echinacea combined with thyme and liquorice.

It’s for anyone suffering from a cold-related sore throat, tonsillitis, a tickly, irritated throat or a hoarse voice from singing, shouting or talking too much (not me, surely?) and this is an organic, practitioner-strength combination tincture that really hit the spot.

The Echinacea boosts the immune system, thyme soothes the throat and the anti-inflammatory properties of liquorice help bring effective and rapid relief.

For a sore throat, resulting from a cold, gargle with it to soothe and calm any rawness and inflammation. That’s what I did and then held it in my mouth for 30 seconds before slowly swallowing. It’s powerful stuff and must be diluted with water, or fruit juice, and it’s also suggested for use with tonsillitis and when losing your voice.

Within 24 hours I was able to confidently feel I could return to singing tenalto rather than basso profundo and as it can also be taken as a preventative, if you’re planning to sing, talk or shout a great deal it is now going into my ‘speaker’s kit’ for all future talks. Though I don’t plan on doing much shouting, you never know.

If you can’t find it in your local health store then contact Kiwiherb’s UK distributor at


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