Astrological health profiles -Gemini

February 12, 2009


Gemini 22 May – 21 June.

Gemini’s are real live wires and need lots of mental stimulation, variety at work and freedom in relationships.

Watch out for:

* Feeling restricted or burdened which can lead to nervous exhaustion

* Psychosomatic illness, physical tension and psychological problems can develop from prolonged stress

* Lung problems including asthma and bronchitis

* Depression can develop from unexpressed emotions or mental stagnation

Frustration – and the resolving of it – is the key for Gemini health. A lively mind needs to be taken out and about with new ideas, new things to see and if a Gemini is bored, then watch out! The power of the mind is not an illusion for this sign, they really do need to take care that they don’t overdo it and a diet full of Bertie Wooster’s favourite fish will help, as long as it has plenty of omega 3′s in it. B complex to help with the stress and at times of mental fatigue royal jelly and ginseng are often very helpful.


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