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“Discover The Blueprint To Good Health & Why Your Blood Group Holds The Answer”
The Eat Right Diet – by AnnA Rushton

There are literally thousands of diets. Some claim to make you look younger, or healthier and allergy-free, others concentrate on maximum weight loss. What they all have in common, however, is that no one diet works equally well for everyone.
This free guide will show how each blood group holds the blueprint of how you evolved and will show how to use that information for good health.

“The Guide To Long Life, Health & Prosperity”
The Best Way To Live To 100 – by AnnA Rushton

Doesn’t that sound like something you would want? There are so many products, diets and regimes that seem to promise you that – but what I am sharing with you here is a practical, effective life plan that will not just help you live longer, but help you live better for longer.

Astrological Health Profiles – by AnnA Rushton

You may take your health for granted, and although you may take into account your family history and genetic make up, it might not have occurred to you that when you were born could also influence your wellbeing.
Astrology is an ancient science that is used to help people get direction in their lives, and to get an overall view of their strengths and weaknesses in their psychological make up. It can also help alert you to where any potential health problems may lie.

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