Astrological health profiles – Leo

February 27, 2009


Leo 24 July – 23 August

Unfairly known as the ‘show-off’s’ of the zodiac as Leo tends to love the spotlight, but there is a lot more to you than that. Leo’s blend creativity and authority with courage and like to take on a great deal of responsibility – which can be a direct cause of some of their health problems, particularly as you don’t like admitting to any weakness. Watch out for:

* Stress – it is your number one enemy and you can be too proud to ask for help

* You can be rather self-indulgent in your eating habits.

* High blood pressure and high cholesterol are your particular dangers.

* Mental and physical rigidity is common in your sign, so beware a lack of flexibility in joints and muscles.

You love life, and all it offers, but that tendency to indulge yourself can backfire unless you balance it with a really good self care regime. You can eat anything you want, in moderation, which is not really how Leo’s like to function. Stress – particularly if unacknowledged and allowed to flourish – will damage your health so a sensible eating and exercise regime is a must to tackle thosepotential heart problems. Yoga or tai chi would be excellent to help those stiff joints, and has the double benefit of helping alleviate stress.


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