Astrological health profiles – Libra

March 14, 2009


Libra 24 September – 23 October

Librans are the good guys of the health world as generally you have sensible eating habits and enjoy using your body which means you find it easy to keep fit. However, you don’t get a totally free pass and there are some health issues you need to watch out for:

* Kidneys can be a problem area for you, and poor elimination of bodily wastes and toxins can cause headaches and fluid retention. Drink lots of water.

* Co-ordination and balance problems can be a symptom of other physical or emotional issues.

* Relationship is very important to this sign and stress and illness can be brought on by discord or loneliness.

* Your environment is very important to you, and a tense atmosphere or dirty surroundings causes extreme stress.

So sort those relationships out so you aren’t getting stressed, and make your surrounding beautiful and nurturing. Make that daily 1.5 litres of water part of your routine and have a regular massage as that will also help expel any toxins your body is holding on to.


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