Astrological health profiles – Pisces

January 26, 2009


Pisces 20 February – 20 March

Pisces is a very sympathetic and sensitive sign, which absorbs others atmosphere and moods. Watch out for:

* Pisceans who need surgery are likely to recover more slowly from the anaesthetic
* Feet are a critical area and you are prone to corns, athletes foot, and veruccas
* Addiction patterns with drugs, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine to which you are commonly also allergic
* More prone to food poisoning than the other signs and can be seriously allergic to fish and seafood

Seems very unfair that those born under the sign of the fish should potentially have an allergy to seafood and most of the stimulants we are exposed to, but prevention is better than cure. So Pisceans need to be ‘body aware’ and see which foods upset you – and you know which they are – and eliminate or drastically reduce them from your diet. Make 2009 the ‘be kind to your feet’ year and invest in some plastic jelly sandals when swimming in public baths and forget fashion and go for comfortable shoes that won’t give you corns – there is nothing beautiful about a face pinched with pain.


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