Astrological health profiles – Sagittarius

March 29, 2009


Sagittarius 23 November-21 December

Sagittarians pride themselves on their brain power, but you need to balance this with physical activity. Watch out for: * Being a fire sign, with all the impulsiveness that goes with that element, minor accidents can be a problem

* You are most likely to damage your hips and thighs – especially through sporting accidents.

* Sagittarians need to watch their diet as you do enjoy eating, drinking and being merry. Over-indulgence can lead to liver problems

* Freedom is important for your wellbeing and if you feel restricted then physical symptoms can arise

Care seems to be the watchword here; being aware of your surroundings to avoid those minor accidents and not overstraining your body with over vigorous exercise. Food lovers that you are do need to be kind to your liver and not overload it with too much rich food and drink and monthly detox of a day just on a single type of fruit would give your body the rest it probably needs.


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