Astrological health profiles – Taurus

February 6, 2009


Taurus 21 April – 21 May

This earthy sign loves the good things in life, particularly food, and weight gain is often a problem. Watch out for:

* The thyroid gland because it is your weak point. If energy is low, check if it’s underactive by asking your doctor to check

* Vulnerability to throat and ear infections. Sore throats, laryngitis and childhood earaches are common

* Taureans tend to be stocky in build, so watch the weight as any extra pounds can be difficult to shift

* For emotional security and physical wellbeing you need regular demonstrations of physical affection such as a daily cuddle.

As I have a few Taurean friends I know their good points, but one of their strong characteristics can be to see things in black and white, and be a bit on the stubborn side. This can be very positive if they put their mind to a fitness or weight loss regime, but hard to convince them if they have decided they don’t need it. To help with the regular infections they can be prey to it would a good idea to have an immune-boosting regime in the winter such as Echinacea and/or acupuncture – which would also help with the energy levels.


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