Cancer survival – Surprising findings

May 3, 2008

It has just been reported in the May issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology that a study done in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has shown – perhaps surprisingly – that many cancer survivors don’t follow healthy lifestyles.

Apparently they are more likely to be non-smokers (82.6% to 91.6%) than adults in the general population (79.5%) which with the worldwide smoking ban is not so surprising, but the fact that they are not more prone to exercise to recommended levels, or to have a healthy diets with the recommended ‘five a day’ of fruit and vegetables, certainly is.

In a study of more than 9,000 patients with a history of various cancers, it was seen that a staggering 80.9% to 85.2% were not following the healthy eating guidelines. This is despite evidence that shows that those patients with a history of cancer had a significantly improved quality of life if they followed the three golden rules of survival: exercise, no smoking and plenty of fruit and vegetables. In fact, only about one in 20 of all the patients were following all three recommendations, so if you have a cancer survivor in your family make it a point to see they understand how important a healthy diet is to live a longer, and better lifespan.


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