Cold Weather Skin Saver

January 19, 2010


What with worrying about my roof – no it hasn’t been fixed yet – and the biting cold winds the skin on my face has taken on the texture of sandpaper – albeit the fine kind. Normal moisturisers are just not enough for this kind of skin irritation and so I turn to my favourite natural remedies which in this case is Kiwiherb Organic Calendula Ointment.

I always have organic Calendula in my natural first aid box as it helps heal cuts and sores, chapped lips, rough cracked hands or chilblains, and conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. Calendula flowers are naturally high in carotenoids, which means they are naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic so they effectively support your body’s ability to repair damaged skin by improving blood flow to the affected area, helping small blood vessels to seal, stem bleeding, and prevent bruising. What I like is that it calms the redness and irritation of the skin while it heals so that the skin looks much more moisturised and normal in appearance.

Calendula is safe enough to use on children and babies for conditions such as eczema, cradle cap, and nappy rash, which may flare-up over the winter months. If you have any trouble finding it locally, then call Kiwiherb’s UK distributor, Lifeplan Products Ltd, on 01455 556281, or visit their company website


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