Complete Exercise Kit for Pregnancy

September 6, 2009


Celebrity mums go overboard in trying to return to their pre-baby shape, but there is a simpler solution that any pregnant woman can turn to.

Exercise is available to everyone through classes and videos, but there is a new solution in The Miracle Box. This kit contains an exercise/birthing ball recommended by midwives for core strength, posture and back pain relief during pregnancy and can also be used during labour to help with pain and to get baby in the right position.

The kit has three specific wall charts, one for exercise during pregnancy, one for postnatal exercise and one for general toning along with access to online charts showing you the exercises to make sure that using the exercise/birthing ball is both fun and effective. You also get a free DVD to show you simple, safe and effective core and pelvic floor exercises to strengthen muscles and get you back in shape.

Good for any expectant mum, and an ideal present so find out more at The Miracle Box website at


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