Cool Down with Sun Tea

June 29, 2010


Ever optimistic I see the sun and immediately break out the long-standing sun tea recipe! Tea brewed in the sun really does have a lovely gentle flavour and once in the fridge with lots of ice cubes you will find it a very refreshing, and healthy, drink on a hot day. So instead of reaching for a can of fizzy or a hot cup of tea try this recipe from the southern United States where they know a thing or two about staying cool in extreme temperatures. I first came across it when I was doing an exchange with a women’s’ college in Missouri as a writer in residence and have been making it ever since.

Sun Tea Recipe

The first and most important thing to say is that you must use a glass container that will hold around a litre of water — never, ever, plastic as the sunlight will leach toxins from it into the water. So one large glass container with a lid or cover the top with a saucer if you don’t have one. It could not be simpler, put 4 to 6 teabags into the jar and top up with cold, preferably filtered, water. You can use any teabags, but what I think works best is either green tea or herb tea and personally I use a mixture of the two..

Leave it to brew and steep for 3-6 hours and you will know your tea is ready when the colour has reached the colour of tea as if it was brewed in a tea pot with boiling water.

Sun Tea tends to be a bit milder tasting than normal brewed tea and although you can serve it warm from the sun, I prefer it served with ice and a lemon slice and a few sprigs of mint. Once brewed, but it in the fridge and enjoy it over the next day or two and if you are not sure about what herbal teabags to use then fennel gives an interesting aniseed taste along with the green tea, lemon balm is nicely mild, or any of the spiced tea bags such as the Ayurveda is detox teas. If you are concerned about your high blood pressure, then try mixing the green tea with a couple of Hibiscus teabags as they are known to help reduce it.


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