Easing the flow

October 6, 2009


It’s a sad, but true, fact of life that as we age our bladder control weakens so we have to urinate more frequently, and this can affect your sleep patterns.

An overactive bladder affects around 16-17 per cent of the worldwide population, with incontinence occurring in about one third of cases.

After the age of 40, urination for men can become increasingly difficult with more frequent visits to the bathroom, and often have difficulty in fully emptying the bladder.

The condition increases with age, affecting 70-80 per cent of people by the time they are 80. It is the most frequent reason for men seeking advice for prostate-related problems.

Women are not exempt of course as 40 per cent of us will also experience some form of distressing incontinence in our lifetime. Stress incontinence, or bladder weakness, can occur at any age in women, particularly when the pelvic floor weakens due to childbirth, pregnancy and menopause, and leakage occurs on sneezing, coughing or laughing.

Happily there is now a natural supplement to relieve this problem. FlowEase comes from The Really Healthy Company and is made from a specialized form of flower pollen. Research into flower pollen has been going on for 40 years and has been found to contain over a hundred different nutritional components including: minerals, trace elements, amino acids, nucleic acids, enzymes and anti-bacterial substances.

FlowEase provides an array of nutrients from flower pollen shown to maintain bladder health and stability, based on the work of Professor Gösta Jönsson, of Lund University, Sweden, who proved it had a beneficial effect on prostate diseases. As well as helping with urinary problems, clinical studies show that pollen extract alleviates the discomfort and symptoms resulting from an enlarged or inflamed prostate.

FlowEase helps maintain bladder health and stability in both men and women by activating the receptors in the bladder muscle, strengthening its function while also allowing the muscles in the urethra to relax to enable complete urination. This leads to longer gaps between toilet visits, making life more bearable.

If you can’t find FlowEase in your local health store, visit the website at www.healthy.co.uk


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