Giving leg cramps the boot

January 23, 2008

Ever wake in the night with your calf muscles knotted and your toes curled in the agony of cramp? Did you know that they are often a symptom of magnesium deficiency? If you are a sufferer then it can be a reasonably simple matter to rectify with a couple of dietary changes.

If you are low in magnesium, and it is depleted by both stress and alcohol, then these will help:

** Cocoa and chocolate
** Whole grains, whole grain rice, whole grain bread
** Nuts
** Shellfish
** Dried legumes such as peas, beans and lentils

If you have been on a diet since the New Year, then you may also be lacking in sugar if you are using products with sweeteners. As well as the warning in this article ‘sugar in food’ about the health hazards of replacing sugar with aspartame, you may also be contributing to your cramps so make sure you have enough of the natural sugars in your diet from fruit and vegetables.


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