Help a stranger to live – Give blood

December 15, 2008

We are very focused on presents for friends and families, but there is one way you can give the most incredible gift of life to someone you will never meet, or even know their name. Please think about becoming a blood donor this month, as there is a projected critical 50% drop in donations over Christmas and New Year.

We know how vital blood is in hospitals for operations, and emergency treatment and the Christmas period usually means a greater number of road accidents. In critical cases a transfusion may not be able to save a life, but it can keep someone alive long enough for their family to reach them in hospital.

It’s also not well known that terminal patients in the last stages of their lives can also benefit from a blood transfusion. It can help to improve their quality of life during their final months, weeks or even days. These transfusion are often given in the patient’s own home and can give them the energy and ability to enjoy this precious, final time with their families. If you would like to donate please contact the national blood transfusion service and enrol at the website or ask at your doctor’s surgery as they usually have the dates when the next event is in your area.

Visit and type in your postcode.


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