Help for hormone headaches

December 27, 2008

If you have ever suffered from hormone headaches triggered by periods then you know how badly they can affect you – and those around you. Resorting to painkillers is not always the best answer and if you are looking for a more natural treatment then there is one that has been clinically proven to effectively deal with the pain for 96% of hormone headache sufferers.

It may be put down to your ‘moods’ but in reality it’s those fluctuating hormones that can cause the problem and they can occur at any point in a woman’s life from puberty to menopause. Hormone headaches generally affect only one side of the head, and the pain is often described as throbbing and can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and may be made worse by bright light and loud noise.

A small study of 50 women aged 18 to 45 who reported regularly having hormone headaches were asked to test 4head, a natural plant-based, licensed medicine, to see if it helped reduce their headaches. On average, the volunteers had regularly suffered from hormonal headaches for more than 12 years, with a minimum of one year and a maximum of 30 years. An amazing 96% of the women in the study reported that the treatment relieved the pain, and in most cases the headache began to ease within 15 minutes. A previous clinical trial found it could begin working in just two minutes, and this was backed by this latest study.

Another point in 4head’s favour is the fact that up to a third of women don’t like taking tablets for headaches, and this product is applied directly to the forehead either as a stick or a patch. The active ingredient is pure levomenthol, which gives it a minty aroma when applied to the skin and the cooling/tingling effect effectively diverts the body’s attention away from the less bearable painful stimulus of the headache and blocks the pain signals. At the same time, the levomenthol helps to relax tense muscles in the head that are associated with tension type headaches.

Given the symptoms of hormone headaches, it ought to prove helpful for migraines as well. Available at pharmacies and many supermarkets.


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