Help with the small print on medicine bottles

July 12, 2010

Reluctant though we often are to admit it, there is no doubt that as we get older — and no matter what the strength of our glasses — the very small print that is used on medicine bottles can be a real struggle to read. If this is you, then help is at hand with a wonderful new device that is actually a portable magnifier specifically designed for reading text on the smallest of surfaces.

It has been developed and designed by The Daylight Vision Company to be used not only at home but also when you are travelling as it weighs just 39 grams. This ingenious magnifier comes equipped with bright “Daylight in the palm of your hand” LED’s to illuminate even the most challenging small print. Being small, it folds easily so you can slip it into your pocket or handbag and comes with batteries included which last for hours.

So if you are looking to make sure you safely take the correct dose, at the correct time, then this could be a great boon. It will certainly reduce eye strain and at a recommended price of only£14.99 is a small investment that could prove worth its weight in gold.

You can’t find it locally, then either visit the website to order online at or call 020 8964 1200.


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