How to Help Haiti with a ShelterBox

January 25, 2010


ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth to people affected by disaster worldwide. They have already shipped a number of boxes to Haiti and these are being used by hospitals in Port au Prince to provide emergency shelter for post surgery patients. The hospital has no electricity, food, or running water and the injured are constantly coming in with untreated injuries. Doctors fear the number of people needing amputations could spiral into the thousands.

Each ShelterBox costs an average of £490 for its emergency relief contents so any amount of money you can give will help fill one more box. Virgin air has been flying them free to Miami for onward freighter transport to Haiti and lots more boxes are still needed. The UK base is in Newquay for box packing and storage and if you want to know more go to and to make a donation call 0300 0300 500


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One Response to “How to Help Haiti with a ShelterBox”

  1. Marusja on January 27th, 2010 3:23 pm

    It’s great to hear about such a worthwhile operation. Thank you AnnA, for bringing Shelterbox to our attention because they really do put an emphasis on getting aid to where it is needed and finding ways to do that. It can be frustrating to see the problems highlighted in the News regarding emergency help and the presenting problems as being logistical. Shelterbox do seem to concentrate their efforts on getting around logistical problems and being a small charity, do deserve suppport. It is good to feel confident that any donation will be put to good use.

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