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December 12, 2009


Hair loss or thinning has a profound effect on emotional and mental wellbeing. My good friend Jasmin who runs a natural cancer hair help site made me aware of the unhappiness that can result from the change in your appearance and it affects far more than those who have had treatment for cancer.

In a recent study, its not just men who are worried about hair loss as an increasing numbers of women in the UK are suffering too with 84 percent experiencing low self esteem and over a third feeling depressed as a result of their hair thinning. However the saddest statistic to me is that 97 percent of women asked felt they would be embarrassed to admit hair loss as society considers it socially unacceptable and 52 percent find themselves making excuses not to have sex with their partner because they feel less attractive as a result of hair problems.

The study was carried out by Trichologist, Sara Allison RGN MIT and world renowned Psychologist, Dr Linda Papadopolous on behalf of Vitabiotics Tricologic, a specialist vitamin supplement to help women maintain healthy hair growth. The reasons for hair loss are generally around stress , nutrition and hormones and although many women go to their GP’s for help with hair loss they are not well placed to deal with it. You would do better consulting a pharmacist or a specialist such as a Trichologist.

Most women’s ‘solutions’ to the problem revolved around comfort eating and avoiding going to the hairdresser and there has to be a better way than this to cope. Well, there is because Vitabiotics Tricologic had launched a helpline for women, which went live on Monday 7th December 2009. You can contact them weekdays on 0845 612 9606 between 9-6pm and from the calls they receive they are producing a booklet answering women’s most commonly asked questions on hair loss and thinning. Which presumably they will tell me about and I can let you all rush to get a copy.

Natural Help

Hair loss is a function of good nutrition, so get the diet right, and enough oxygen and blood supply to your scalp so a gentle daily head massage with help. On the supplement front, if you want to improve the thickness and strength of your hair, and its condition then Vitabiotics have two separate Tricologic treatments for men and women as they are formulated for the different needs of each sex. Both have a complete spectrum of 26 nutrients, including biomarine collagen, L-Cystine and special plant derived nutrients, which play a role in scalp health and hair follicle metabolism. The bio-active nutrients of are delivered via the blood stream directly to the hair roots for maximum benefit to help counteract the effects of aging on the hair. More information at


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