Nuts for health

January 2, 2009

If you are looking for a fast food that is full of health benefits then make sure you add nuts to your daily diet. I know nuts have a bad reputation in terms of putting on weight, but if you choose sensibly you get all the benefits without the drawbacks – basically eat your nuts untreated and unsalted.

Spanish researchers who were looking at the benefits of a Mediterranean type of diet found that by adding nuts into the mix cut certain heart risks substantially. Adding the nuts helped the subjects reduce fat on their stomachs and improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you want to follow their example, greatest health improvements in the study were shown by those who ate 3 walnuts, 8 hazelnuts and eight almonds but remember they must be untreated so no roasted, salted, or flavoured versions – just the whole nut as nature intended.


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