Oh Really?

December 28, 2008

I don’t know, you do one of these items and along comes another – this one for the chaps. More in the category of ‘well we could have guessed that’ comes the news that men who were have an increased risk for prostate cancer are almost twice as likely to undergo screening for the disease if married or living with a partner. As most men are far more reluctant to consult doctors for anything, this is no surprise so if you want to have a healthy prostate don’t stay single seems to be the advice and comes from no less a body than the University of Michigan.

They found that although prostate cancer screening programmes specifically target men with a high risk for the disease, little is known about the factors that influence these men to take the decision to get tested. But, apparently, one of the factors that gets them to the screening is fear – no surprise there – and accompanied by a relationship where they are ‘persuaded’ (read nagged) into going for checkups is the most effective of all.


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