Painkillers increase your risk of dementia

July 17, 2009


We all take painkillers occasionally, but the dangers of becoming dependent on them are well known. However now there is another cause for concern with over the counter drugs such as those containing ibuprofen that are commonly taken to help with a short term headache or a long term condition like arthritis.

Previous studies have indicated that taking painkillers to ward off dementia might be effective, but a new study done in Seattle on 2,700 people found that as many as 66 percent were actually MORE likely to develop dementia if they took heavy, regular doses of painkillers.

They also had a tendency to have more diabetes, arthritis, and signs of heart failure. High doses of painkillers can have serious side effects, including stomach problems leading to ulcers and small bleeds in the brain have also been reported.

Painkillers are strong drugs and very useful for their prescribed medical purpose. Self medicating with them is never a good idea and they are not designed to be a preventive but a palliative for pain.


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