Plastic surgery is bypassing doctors

February 13, 2009


Britain is now right up there with the USA when it comes to plastic surgery. The most sought after being new breasts and noses and according to a Health Service Survey as many as three quarters of the population want to change some aspect of their bodies. Previously your GP was the first port of call for any medical intervention, but with the rise of the private cosmetic surgery services this is no longer the case. The same survey found that amongst young people between 16-24 years of age, only 20 percent of them would talk to their doctor about it. More worryingly the other 80 percent would seek out services on the Internet and often were searching by price alone.

I would have that this was one area where you would definitely want a personal recommendation, a face to face meeting and assurance from your doctor as to how professional and qualified the clinic and their staff were.


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