Portable Probiotics for Travellers

April 5, 2010


Well the clocks have sprung forward and if you are thinking ahead to your holidays then these days, sadly, that means preparing yourself to cope with possible tummy upsets whether from food or your surroundings.

I am a big believer in probiotics for helping prepare your gut to deal with any problems and have tried many forms and packed pills, liquids and powders for that purpose. The main problem for travlleers is we want lightweight and portablilty in our remedies and Lifeplan have come up with Culture Care which should help you do that.

I recently had to have a course of antibiotics for a severe bacterial infection which made me face resemble that of a particularly pitiable adolescent. The redness I couild cope with but the itching drove me insane so I finally succumbed, but it’s an automatic reflex to take a probiotic with any antibiotic to help repopulate the gut with the beneficial flora that the drug wipes out.

When going on holiday, prepare your stomach similarly by taking Lifeplan Culture Care every day for two weeks before you go and that takes care of your health insurance at the gut level. If you then continue to take it for the two weeks of your holiday you will help maintain and protect the digestive tract from any upsets, such as holiday diarrhoea. Taking probiotics have been shown to cut the risk of contracting travellers’ diarrhoea by as much as 50% by eliminating unwanted bacteria from the body.

The main advantage to me though is the convenience as each pack of Culture Care contains 14 one-a-day sachets of dried powder, which are small and easy to pack and don’t need to be kept in the fridge. Add water to dissolve, or I prefer fruit juice as then I can ignore the fact it never seems to completely dissolve, and drink. Doesn’t have any discernible taste I could find and it is certainly convenient.

If you have any questions about probiotics or health-related questions then you can call Lifeplan’s nutritionists free of charge on 01455 556281. Culture Care is available from health stores or direct from their website at: www.lifeplan.co.uk/products/Culture-Care-x-14.htm?prodID=750


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  1. smilinggreenmom on April 8th, 2010 6:43 pm

    Oh wow – I can relate to this! I always take my Vidazorb chewable probiotics with me when I am traveling since they don’t need to be refrigerated! I need it – my stomach doesn’t always feel great when I am away from home for some reason.

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