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June 7, 2009

H. pylori bacteria infect more than half of the world’s population and were recently identified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Stomach ulcers are known to result from an infection with this bacteria and it is carried by nearly six percent of people worldwide. Usually the treatment given is antibiotics but we are now more cautious about prescribing these because of side effects, and overuse leading to less effectiveness. A more natural treatment with the amino acid Glutamine has been found and it seems to be protective against both the damage done by H pylori and reducing the risk of gastric cancer. 900,000 new cases of gastric cancer develop each year and it is known to be associated with H pylori infection.Research was conducted by Susan Hagen, PhD, Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and she is suggesting that increasing glutamine in the diet could protect against gastric damage caused by H. pylori. This can occur over years, as the infection causes persistent gastritis and damage to cells in the digestive tract and this is the ideal environment to develop malignant cells, leading to cancer. The bacteria weakens the stomach’s protective mucous coating and her research team has shown that glutamine protects against cell death from H. pylori-produced ammonia and that the damaging effects of ammonia on gastric cells could be reversed completely by the administration of L-glutamine.

L-Glutamine – the form used in the research – is often taken as a supplement to increase body mass, but Glutamine itself does occur naturally in foods including beef, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products and some fruits and vegetables. If you are prone to stomach ulcers, then it could prove helpful in avoiding antibiotics and preventing further damage.


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