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May 17, 2010


I know that most of the time I give you hard news from the alternative and mainstream medical worlds, but occasionally I like to expand our horizons and introduce you to an aspect of health that may not be as familiar to you.

We all face challenges in life and these are then reflected in our health and wellbeing and one way to maintain a strong immune system is to work with, rather than against, your own energy.

Finding The River is a new book by Sally Topham, an experienced energy therapist, who shares many self help exercises and techniques to help you cope with challenges and learn how to deal with daily rollercoaster of life. She provides exercises and techniques for dealing with stress, burnout, coping with change and coaxing yourself out of limiting comfort zones.


The ‘foundation’ you might expect is there of diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation but it is presented in a framework of giving you ways to expand beyond the physical and embrace ways of healing your body and mind from within. Sally Topham has spent 35 years researching in this field and she will guide you through various meditation techniques sourced from Buddhist, Hindu, and Tibetan traditions; teaches ways to clear your clutter. She Space Clear and create a sacred place in your home. She explains the power of the mind and the value of developing self awareness and the importance of connecting with Nature.

Once you learn how to work with your own energy you will see a substantial difference in how you view life and tackle problems. There are many tips and exercises in this book that you can try and then put together into your own personal energy package. Oh and in case you think this all sounds too ‘new age’, the foreword is written by Dr Mark Atkinson a holistic medical doctor who has seen the benefit of marrying mind body techniques for optimum health.

Finding the River by Sally Topham is available from bookstores or direct from as a hard copy or digital download.


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