Vitamin K, helps women fight heart disease

October 27, 2008

Hardening of the arteries is a major concern for many, particularly as they get older, but new research has good news for women – sorry chaps but it doesn’t help you much apparently. It’s just been reported in the journal Atherosclerosis, that women who have the highest levels of vitamin K2 have the greatest protection against hardening of the arteries.

The researchers examined the diets of women in their 60s and found that vitamin K2 reduced hardening of the arteries by as much as 20 percent and the more K2, the better. We tend to be encouraged to eat more of the K1 vitamins, which are found primarily in leafy green vegetables, as they have plenty of other health benefits but they don’t provide any K2. The best sources are cheese and milk products and some from meat. These of course can be sources of cholesterol and fats, so don’t switch your diet completely – remember everything in moderation is the very best health advice.


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