Warm Up Those Aching Muscles

February 1, 2010


I don’t know about you, but trying to keep my balance while walking on slippery pavements gave me aching calf muscles and my neighbour strained a tendon while negotiating the front steps.   Sadly muscle aches and pains are all too common and the usual response is a hot bath and some painkillers, but if you want a more natural solution then turn to the sports coaches favourite remedy; a muscle and joint rub.

Recently found to be the most effective on the market, Blue Active Gel is unique in two ways.  First it cools the affected area instantly with a soothing effect that lasts for hours and secondly it does that through the use of a whole range of natural active ingredients.   It certainly has enough of them to overwhelm your muscles into relaxing and being soothed including aloe vera, menthol and witch hazel for their anti-inflammatory and cooling effects, glucosamine sulphate and MSM for the maintenance of healthy joints, Golden Emu Oil, Chamomile and Tilia Cordata to soothe and willow bark and capsicum to help with the pain.

You should find it in your local health store, but if not then you can buy it online at www.shopforhealth.co.uk


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