Zap that verruca

August 23, 2008

In and out of swimming pools or public showers? An unfortunateside effect can be the development of a verruca, and if you don’t want to wear jelly shoes – or it’s too late – then you might be interested in a new product to treat the problem.

The ingredient most favoured for treating a verruca is salicylic acid, but so far this is not been available in an over the counter product that you can pop into the chemist and buy for yourself. The next most favoured method is to freeze it, also used for warts, and one enterprising company has introduced a product called Bazuka Sub-Zero which allows the user to see when the foam applicator is frozen and direct the treatment quickly and accurately on to the wart or verruca.

Why is this a breakthrough?
Because some freezing treatment formats are hard to target directly at the verruca and wart and can cause damage to the surrounding nerve endings as the freezing treatment hits other skin areas. This is backed up by research taken from the data of doctors and chiropodists, who expressed this concern and said they had seen patients where damage, especially to nerve endings, had occurred.

It’s just one application, and it freezes the wart or verruca to the core. After 10 days or so, the treated wart or verruca will fall off revealing new skin that has formed. Apparently it is easy to use, allowing the user to actually see when the applicator is clearly frozen and ready to apply.

If you want to find it, apparently it is available from pharmacies, Superdrug and Morrisons supermarkets and costs £12.95.


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