5 Simple Teeth Whitening Tips

June 25, 2010

There are lots of ways to maintain your teeth looking their greatest, even should you drink way too very much coffee or soda and appreciate the “occasional” cigarette. Take a appear below for five straightforward teeth whitening tips, to help your teeth appear their whitest.

1. Coffee, tea, wine, cola drinks — all trigger extreme staining in your teeth. We’ve all seen habitual coffee and tea drinkers who have tell-tale signs of their terrible habit on their teeth. Brushing your teeth after drinking, or at the quite least swishing some water in your mouth will go along way to keeping your teeth free of charge of stains.

2. The same goes for smoking. Caused by the heat from the cigarette, rinsing and brushing may well not be as useful to smokers. Try to cut back as very much as you are able to and do not smoke appropriate just before you go to bed with out brushing and rinsing with mouthwash (alcohol free.) Nearly all teeth whitening tips will caution against alcohol based mouthwash, as the alcohol can accelerate staining and has recently been found to be a feasible oral carcinogen.

3. Brush and floss at least twice per day having a soft bristle brush (tough bristle brushes are challenging in your gum line and tooth enamel), both within the morning and just before bedtime for best teeth whitening. Floss just before going to bed to clean up any gunk in between your teeth (mouthwash isn’t a suitable alternative contrary to what many people believe.)

4. Eating fruits with high citrus levels is wonderful for teeth whitening: oranges, lemon, grapefruit, etc — are all excellent for organic teeth whitening tips and are found in numerous organic whitening products. Strawberries are also identified to have whitening properties in them.

5. Baking soda, both as an ingredient within your toothpaste of selection — or straight out of the box can be a excellent normal teeth whitener. Making use of baking soda and salt are teeth whitening ideas that many individuals make use of and are wonderful for a maintenance program right after making use of a whitening product.


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