Electronic Air Filter: Why You Need One & Which One Should You Buy?

August 4, 2010

We all take breathing for granted, and hardly ever give it a second thought.  We have existed this long without any apparent problems.  Why must we be worried about an issue we can not actually see…right?

Regrettably, there’s a concealed issue that we cannot see, but which will potentially do us serious physical harm if preventive steps aren’t taken.  The fact is we’re encompassed by air that is horribly dirty. It is polluted by fumes from gases and chemicals, pet dander, dust, dirt, smoke to name just a few of these unpleasant elements.

So, how can we remove these types of harmful particles from our home and make sure the air we are breathing is pure?  We need to use an electronic air filter!

Here’s Why You Should Choose An Electronic Air Filter:

An electronic air filter is a relatively inexpensive and low maintenance way of eliminating airborne contaminants from the atmosphere in your house. Using electrostatic technology to provide a kind of filterless air purifier, electronic air filters really are a safe method to keep your air particle, fume and dust-free.

These filterless air purifiers operate by employing the scientific principle of electrostatics. This law signifies that materials with opposite charges are attracted to one another. Thus electronic air filters harness the power of this principle by collecting the air and giving any particles gathered a charge. The charge emitted by electronic air filters is completely safe to humans, but pulls the collected contaminants to a plate inside the unit, where they stay, safety extracted from your breathing air.

A typical electronic air filter is ninety five percent effective in eliminating particles and fumes from the air in your home, collecting the offending substances on plates kept safely inside the unit. A few people find this idea to be a drawback to electronic air filters as these collection plates must be cleaned frequently.  This is, nevertheless, a relatively basic job, as the collection plates are easily cleaned by wiping them with a wet cloth. This simple maintenance job ensures that your electronic air purifier continues to be effective in keeping your atmosphere dust, fume and particle-free.

Additionally, an electronic air filter has the benefit of cleaning the oxygen of your entire home if the unit is positioned in the proper place and the correct settings are used. This enables you to clean the oxygen inside your whole house with the use of one device that is devoted as much as you are to keeping your loved ones healthy.

Finding the Right Electronic Air Filter:

A number of individuals become totally baffled when they’re attempting to shop for an electronic air filter. The options that are available to them turn out to be quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, with some work it’s feasible to discover the ideal match for your requirements. For instance, you should determine the air capacity of your home to make sure that the electronic air filter device you buy is large enough to take care of your needs. It is a lot less expensive to buy a bigger electronic air filter, instead of purchasing two smaller units.

Additionally you should look for an electronic air filter that will run quietly and not increase the noise in your home. Many consumers who purchase noisy equipment end up turning them off, which in turn renders the equipment worthless. This obviously is a waste of money and doesn’t improve the oxygen quality. Make certain you purchase a quiet electronic air filter device so that it will stay on.

You should also compare the service plans as well as warranties that accompany each model of available electronic air filters. Shopping around is fairly easy on the internet in the comfort of your home.  This way you’ll be equipped with all of the info you require, rather than base your decision on the information that a sales person provides.


Electronic air cleaners are a simple and effective yet low maintenance method for cleaning the oxygen you breathe. The fact they remove as much as ninety five percent of problem contaminants from the oxygen inside your home helps make the purchase of an electronic air cleaner a shrewd investment.  It’s going to help provide your loved ones with an atmosphere that’s safe and wholesome for everyone!

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