If A Friend Smokes, An E Cigarette May Be The Perfect Gift

August 27, 2010

Your first instinct for a present to give to a tobacco smoker may be a lifetime supply of mints, mouth wash or even a continuous bottle of perfume or cologne as  a result of the smell they always have on them from smoking. It is unpleasant to say the least and the sad thing is that they often cannot even smell it themselves, but you can bet everyone else that doesn’t smoke can.

Hopefully, they wouldn’t be offended by your choice of gift, but there is another way to both help them eliminate that tobacco smell and give them a better choice. So many tobacco smokers have already discovered the advantages of buying a digital cigarette as e cigarettes produce no smell at all and that is just their first advantage.

By giving a smoker an e cigarette you will be supporting them to eliminate the thousands of chemical substances and the tar they they inhale from the smoke of the tobacco everyday.  E cigarettes use a nicotine solution that creates a vapor and has a tobacco or menthol flavor by using a battery to gently heat it. There is no smoke because there is no fire to burn anything. 

When you give an electronic cigarette starter kit to a tobacco smoker as a present, they will have everything they need and can start using it straightaway. Look for a kit that comes with two batteries, two atomizers, and an assortment of chargers so that the e cigarette can be used anywhere. You could throw in a bottle of e liquid for them too and that way they can refill the filters that go with the kit when they run out!

Giving a tobacco smoker an e cigarette starter kit as a present will have them thanking you because once they realise they can still get the same nicotine satisfaction they got from tobacco, plus all of the other benefits outlined here which include the money they will save on buying cigarettes, they may well be even more grateful to you than they originally thought!


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