Information About Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy and Insomnia

August 25, 2010

Sleep is the body’s unplugged time, time to rest and regenerate ; but when anomalies such as sleep apnea narcolepsy and insomnia meddle with this necessary recess, there may be medical and psychological repercussions.
As if having only one of these sleeping disorders would not be damaging enough to the system, it is possible for folks to have all of these conditions simultaneously. Often, folk are unaware of precisely what’s wrong in their lives.
Sleep apnea
A condition in which a sleeping individual frequently stops and starts to respire across the night is known as sleep apnea. There are two sorts of apnea, the most typical being called obstructive and the other being central sleep apnea. Folk who experience this condition have no realisation of the breathing interruptions, only understanding that they feel fatigued much of the time. Waking with a sore throat, dry throat and headache are regular grumbles, as is having an issue staying asleep. Central sleep apnea is a threatening condition that is less common which is due to coronary disease and stroke.
The thought that narcolepsy is caused by other sleeping disorders like sleep apnea is a myth. Although the exact cause isn’t known, the brain chemical called hypocretin is found in significantly lower levels in those with narcolepsy. There are also many other contributory factors to the condition such as genetics, stress or environmental problems that are believed to play part in it. When subjected to this disorder, people can enter into REM sleep all of a sudden without first experiencing NREM sleep, which is normally the kick off point of sleep. This condition can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially.
Sleep needs vary from person to person, but everybody wishes some quantity of sleep. When an individual has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, it may be insomnia. It can be due to a range of different reasons ; a medical condition, particular drugs, stress, depression, alcohol consumption or too much caffeine. Insomnia can come from lengthy periods of bad sleeping habits and also from simple ageing.
Everyone knows how vital restive sleep is to the health ; however, knowing it and achieving it can be fully different matters. When a sleeping problem like sleep apnea narcolepsy or sleeplessness interferes with ordinary daily activities, it may be time to consult your doctor before further medical or mental conditions happen.      


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