One Factor That Can Keep You From Losing Weight Forever!

June 25, 2010

One Factor That Can Keep You From Losing Fat Forever!

Everyone, including you, deserves to achieve the body of their dreams. May it be a lean, flat stomach, a tight back with no love handles, shapely legs, or strong upper body; it can all be yours!

But there is ONE component that can keep it all from you as long as you don’t change it.

Your attitude. Your mindset. The way you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. It can make or break you and keep you from shedding those extra pounds forever.

If you find yourself making any of the following comments, it is NOW time for a change.

1. “It’s not working”. Ok, trust me on this one, EVERYTHING is working. You are generating results every time you pick up a dumbbell and every time you put down that soda. It just might not be the results you’re expecting.

So in order to get the outcome you desire, you certainly can’t keep doing the same things. Attempt a new workout and push yourself a bit harder this time. A little burn in your muscle signifies it’s working!

Change out your “munchies” for healthy and balanced snacks. If you’re planning to snack, at least go natural; the stuff doesn’t taste bad at all and there are no harmful, fattening ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup found in processed foods).

JUST KEEP GOING! It’s like driving with only your headlights; you’ll make it someplace whether you can see far or not, but you have to do something and control the wheel.

2. “Why can’t I be like her/him?” It is very healthy to model yourself to someone with your ideal body to keep you encouraged. But when it comes to the point where you start comparing yourself to other people in a harmful, self-sabotaging manner, then it becomes extremely unhealthy.

You may not have the same body type as that individual and to set unrealistic expectations on yourself like that is enough to cause you to fail miserably!

3. “Maybe I’ll just starve myself.” Ok, there’s a good idea. NOT! Starving yourself won’t achieve anything except headaches, depression, and muscle tissue loss (just to mention a few). The “weight” will drop but it won’t be body fat that you’re losing.

Your body will in reality be burning LESS fat than it was when you were eating ordinarily. This is because you require muscle to lose fat and the less muscle you have, the less excess fat you burn. So now that you know this really works AGAINST you, do you want to feel another hunger pain?

4. “I look so gross!” If you’re going to glimpse in the mirror, you better make it a rule to find something nice to say about yourself or part of your body… or don’t LOOK at all! Believe that you’re going to gaze at the truth. If you don’t like it, take ACTION and improve!

You have no room to whine if you’re not making an HONEST effort … keyword *HONEST* effort; and don’t be lax with yourself. If you think you can try harder, then take action! If you were assessing someone else, what would you say to them? Maybe you should stop looking down on yourself and start listening to your own advice. Your body will not be dishonest to you- believe in it.

Before you sign up for a fitness center membership or pick up a weight, keep in mind that if you do not believe you are worthy of your time and effort to shed weight, you never will.


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