Update on Alkalife

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I mentioned a couple of issues ago that I was trying out a new supplement called Alkalife that changes the ph of water and is claimed to have a number of health benefits. Basically I have been helping to balance out the body’s acidity in order to get my blood circulating more easily and getting more oxygen to my organs.

I have been adding the required number of drops to my daily drinking water and I have to say I have noticed an improvement in my general wellbeing, health and alertness which others have also commented on. So, purely anecdotal but it seems to have worked for me and if you are curious to know more then visit their website at www.alkalife.co.uk

I’m ok but what happened to my body?

July 30, 2009 by  
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No, I am not having a crisis about my weight but that’s the title of a remarkable book by a remarkable man. He is a scientist called Sang Whang and I first came across him through his best-selling book ‘Reverse Ageing’ where he discussed the fact that from the age of 42 age we begin to lose bicarbonate from the blood which is one of the factors that makes us begin the aeing process. Sang Whang refers to it as the ‘battery charger’ of the body and he has found a way to stop those phsiological changes. Taking a spoonful of bicarb of soda is not the answer, but Sang Whang’s field of expertise is water, and you know I bang on at you about drinking lots of the stuff, but his research has been into the life giving effects of getting the acid-alkaline balance right in our bodies and this means changing the water we drink into a more alkaline form.

Like many others, it was his own journey of improving his own health without benefit of medicine or exercise, or changing his diet that led him to develop his ideas in this book, and from that a product called AlkaLife®, which is a patented alkaline concentrate. We get energy from the food we eat and this occurs through a process called oxidization which if not used up then becomes acidic waste. As our body cannot get rid of all the waste it produces, it accumulates it somewhere and that’s what causes ageing. You may not think much about this, but you know the effects of solidified acidic waste as cholesterol, fatty acid, and kidney stones. There is also the fact that cancer does not thrive in an alkaline environment so this is another health reason to keep the body’s acid-alkaline ratio in balance.

This excess acid also can produce long term damage as the blood thickens and blood circulation becomes sluggish. This means your vital organs don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients for optimum performance and this can lead to diseases, some of which are fatal. To keep your body balanced it often needs some extra help to balance out this acidity and boost the alkalinity of your body and one of the best ways to neutralize and get these wastes out of our body is to drink alkaline water. See you knew I would come back to nagging you to drink more water!

Sang Whang has patented AlkaLife®, whose ingredients of ionized water, potassium and sodium and increases the pH value of ordinary drinking water. It will restore that alkaline balance when you add 20 drops a day to your daily litre or so of water. I am trying it out myself and will keep you posted on the results. If you would like to know more visit the website at www.alkalife.co.uk