Getting ahead of hay fever

June 8, 2009 by  
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This time of year can be very distressing for hay fever sufferers, and those with sinusitis or allergies. There are plenty of medications available to control the symptoms but there is an old-fashioned naturopathic remedy that is very effective and inexpensive that you might want to try first. It’s using warm salt water to wash out your nasal passages. Done twice a day it has shown positive results in medical studies as it washes away the pollen that clogs your nasal passages and irritates your body into triggering an allergic reaction.It’s long been in use in Ayurvedic medicine and the renowned Mayo Clinic in the states also recommend it’s use. A January 2009 study on 200 patients had them reporting relief of their symptoms from twice daily salt water irrigations and a recent study in China at Nanjing Medical University showed good results on children with allergic rhinitis so they were able to stop or reduce their steroid nasal sprays.

It must be popular as you can now buy a salt pipe (sometimes called a neti pot) on Amazon in the UK and many other health sites. Natural sea salt is the best to use and use 1 teaspoon salt to 1 pint of warm filtered or distilled water.

Adding in some extra support in terms of taking regular exericse and having plenty of omega-3 in your diet. Children who have little exercise have twice the rate of hay fever as their more active friends, and omega-3 from fish oil helps reduce both allergic and inflammatory responses. It can also help to include probiotics in the diet as they have two good effects: they help lower the levels of an antibody that produces allergy symptoms and also levels of a different antibody, IgG, that it’s believed plays a protective role against allergic reactions.