Snoring, Sleep and Natural Solutions

May 19, 2010 by  
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While we are on the subject of sleep, did you know that a staggering 64% of us have a bad nights’ sleep every week, with one of the reasons being snoring.  Hands up all those who identify with that problem?
There are a number of natural solutions on offer and I offer some ideas below, but recently I have been testing something called the No Snore Pillow from House of Bath which claims to help prevent snoring throughout the night.   It is a specially shaped pillow which encourages airways to open up, and as this is one of the main causes of snoring, should help to alleviate it.
First I must say it is very comfortable to sleep on, and has a rolled cervical border that tilts your head to keep the airway open, whether you sleep on your back or side.  It’s a standard size pillow and my experience was that it reduced snoring, but didn’t stop it.  However the claim is that it can do so from testimonials from customers but I think that will take longer than the couple of weeks I gave it.  Certainly worth a try and you will find more details at
Natural Solutions
If snoring is making your life a misery it’s worth exploring all the options.   How are you breathing at night?  If you wake with a dry mouth it’s likely you are breathing through your mouth because your nasal passage is just too blocked to take enough air in.  There are various ways to correct this from nasal strips that keep the nostrils open to nasal or mouth sprays and plug in diffusers that release oils to help keep your breathing passages clear.  You can also force the mouth to stay closed with chinstraps or even simple tape to prevent it opening in the night might be enough to retrain your body to breathe more through your nose.