Natural stress beaters

October 3, 2009 by  
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When I was writing my book ‘How to Cope Successfully with Stress’, it was actually a stressful process in itself to meet the publisher’s deadline and so I put together a ‘stress kit’ for myself. I thought you might also find it useful, so here is what I used:

First of all a really good multivitamin to fill nutritional gaps and counteract the negative effects of unhealthy stress on the body and a separate B-complex as it helps balance mood and calm the nervous system. I have already mentioned the benefits of Omega-3 and a deficiency here is associated with increased anxiety and depression.

Stress can often prevent you getting off to sleep, and the herb Valerian is helpful here due to the essential oils that the root contains. Again to help you sleep, you need calcium and magnesium as they are involved in calming those thoughts running round your head, can relax your muscles and so help you sleep better.

Finally, a natural alternative to antidepressants in keeping your mood stable is St. John’s Wort as it helps boost mood and maintain a healthy emotional outlook.