Non-Surgical Help To Banish Bunions

June 13, 2011 by  
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As a long term sufferer myself – along with celebrities like Victoria Beckham, though hers are from wearing impossibly high in height and cost heels – I welcome anything that will help me avoid surgery. The success rate is not high, and I sat next to a surgeon at dinner many years ago who told me to avoid it if at all possible as a) it is very painful and b) unless you change the way you walk and distribute your weight you have a fair chance of developing them again.

Up to 15 million people suffer from bunions, those painful bony swellings at the base of the big toe, with the majority of sufferers being, not surprisingly, female and particularly the over 45s. They are not pretty, in fact are the whole reason I have not worn sandals or flip flops for years, and they cause a red, bony bump at the base of the big toe which becomes painfully inflamed when shoes rub against it – a problem made worse by high heels which throw the body weight forward.

If you are also looking for a more natural solution, then I have been test wearing/footing an effective ‘Bunion Night Splint’ which has been created by NeoG following consultations with many sufferers looking to relieve the pain of their bunions.

The splint completely immobilizes it so that uninterrupted healing of the bump can take place. I confess it was a bit of a fiddle to get it to fit exactly right as the splint provides adjustable positioning control to maintain ideal bunion and toe alignment. However, once done it does not need tackling again and you get two splints, one left and one right, which can be adjusted for both fit and comfort, though nipping out to the loo in the middle of the night might mean you have to adjust how you walk!

If you are wondering why you are afflicted, then it can be hereditary so blame your mother but the main cause is fancy but unsuitable footwear. High heels and pointed toes exacerbate the problem and cause the big toe to become angled inwards, forcing the bone to protrude from the side of the foot, where a painful, swollen bunion then forms.

The Neo G Bunion Night Splint is an effective, but not instant, solution as I have been wearing it for at couple of months before noticing a significant difference to the shape of my foot and to the pain but it is definitely worth persevering with.

If it sounds like it might work for you then you can only buy it online at or