Ginger up your diet

February 8, 2008 by  
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Ginger may be the single most important ingredient you can add to your diet for maximum health effectiveness. It has proven to be so valuable because it not only has antioxidant and cancer fighting properties, but a new study has also found that the ginger component gingerol exerts anti-inflammatory effects by mediating NF-KB, a protein complex that regulates your immune system’s response to infection.

Not only all that, but it may also prove to be useful for treating and preventing ovarian cancer, according to a new study just reported in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal. Chinese researchers tested the effect of ginger on cultivated ovarian tumour cell growth. Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynaecological malignancy and is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women. They found that ginger inhibited growth and modulated the secretion of angiogenic factors, which is a fundamental step in the transition of tumours from a dormant to a malignant state.

This is good news and ginger is only one of a number of foods that when found in good quantities in the diet are thought to thought to contribute to the decreased incidence of colon, gastrointestinal, prostate, breast and other cancers. The other cancer-fighting foods are garlic, soy, cumin, chillies and green tea so sounds like switching to cooking up some Asian food might be a healthy option.