The value of water

December 12, 2007 by  
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In December we have a natural tendency to eat and drink more, particularly alcohol as we attend more social functions than usual. One result is that we put more stress on our bodies and can neglect one of the most simple ingredients we need to stay fit and healthy. Water is absolutely a prime requirement for health, there is virtually no function in our bodies that doesn’t require it in one way or another, and it is the simplest, cheapest thing we can do to stay healthy. Your body starts out comprised of 80% water when you are born, but by the time we die we average only 50% water. In fact 48% of older people admitted to Emergency Rooms showed signs of dehydration in addition to their other symptoms. Chronic dehydration can lead to many serious health problems as well as exacerbating conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. The common tiredness and headaches many people very frequently experience is often just dehydration as we have drink more tea and coffee, which are diuretic in action and remove water from our systems rather than adding to it. The old 1.5 to 2 litres a day rule of drinking just plain water (don’t include tea, coffee or soft drinks in your daily total is not a dietary fad, it is good sound medical sense. Water is needed for fat metabolism, to remove waste from cells, and to keep your brain healthy.

We also use it for transporting nutrients and wastes, lubrication, temperature regulation, and tissue structure maintenance and recently uncovered research adds some fascinating water facts.

A French medical doctor, specialising in immunology, discovered something truly fascinating about water. Dr. Jacques Benveniste died in 2004, but he discovered certain scientific properties of water that no one else had found. He called this particular brand of science digital biology, and so far no one has duplicated his experiments, but I thought you would like to hear about them.

His first discovery was that when a substance is diluted in water, the water can carry the memory of that substance even after it has been so diluted that none of the molecules of the original substance remain. Secondly, he found that the molecules of any given substance have a spectrum of frequencies that can be digitally recorded with a computer, then played back into untreated water (using an electronic transducer), and when this is done, the new water will act as if the actual substance were physically present. It sounds like something a science fiction writer would come up with, but Dr. Benveniste’s findings about the ‘memory’ of water may go some way to showing why homoeopathic treatments work though no one can ‘[prove’ why the more the substance is diluted the more potent it’s effects are. A remedy that is marked 6x does not mean it is six times as effective but that it has been diluted 6 times. So a remedy marked 30x has been diluted 30 times and it that level where it is actually ‘stronger’ and more effective.

Whatever your thoughts about water, believe me you will benefit from drinking more of it. Try drinking a large glass of water every morning and top up throughout the day and see what a difference it will make.