Protecting yourself – and your children – from the Radiation of Mobiles and Laptops

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Those of you who are also regular readers of Catalyst News will have seen in last week’s issue that I talked about a 3 year old on her mobile to her Dad, also on his mobile, at a bus stop. Whatever the rights and wrongs – and I do believe there are plenty on health, relationship and psychological grounds – the one I can address here is health.

There has been much debate about the effects of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) from the regular use of mobile phones and other Wi-Fi devices and today there many families have at least one or more of these devices. The Bio Initiative Report was based on 1500 individual studies which concluded unequivocally that there is sound evidence of harmful biological effects which can damage the body’s immune system and lower resistance to long term serious illness.

So there is now a significant amount of compelling evidence coming to light about the dangers of (EMR) released from the regular use of mobile phones and new Phoneshield and Wi-Fishield devices can help. Their quartz crystal technology helps to diffuse and eliminate some of the potentially dangerous effects of EMR and has been scientifically proven to be effective.

Mobile phone and laptop use have had reported side effects that include: nausea, fatigue, reduced concentration, tiredness, headaches, blurred vision, short term memory loss, muscle weakness and an impaired immune system. In addition, some scientists are concerned that such radiation may cause cancer, brain tumours and early senility, but the current scientific and medical research shows that children are particularly vulnerable to the effects. This is because their immune systems are not yet properly developed and their lifetime of exposure to wire free technology and radiation will be longer and pregnant women are also believed to be more vulnerable.

Phoneshield products are simply attached by means of a strong adhesive pad to the back of a mobile phone, Iphone or blackberry device, and has absolutely no affect on the transmission or signal. To protect yourself from radiation from your computer, there is a Quartz Wi-fi shield that works in exactly the same way as the Phoneshield and that is attached to the back of your computer or laptop monitor to mitigate everyday exposure. The shields are tiny, but are highly effective and quick and easy to fit, they require no technical expertise and have been developed and manufactured in the UK. Phoneshield costs £12.50 and the Wi-fi shield is £14.99 from

As I firmly believe prevention is better than cure, here are some useful tips to minimise your exposure to EMR and stay safe:

• Never leave a mobile phone switched on beside your bed at night

• Keep calls short – don’t have long conversations

• Use a landline where possible instead

• Try to use your phone where there is good reception as this requires less power

• Use the loudspeaker or a hands-free device

• Don’t keep it in your pocket as that puts it close to vulnerable reproductive organs

• Send a text instead of making a short phone call

• Choose cable connections rather than Wi-Fi internet