Dealing with stress and anxiety – learn the uses of flower remedies for free

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I have used flower remedies for a good number of years, and from many different sources, but the original and oldest are those from Dr Edward Bach and his 38 Original Flower Remedies™.

They are incredibly simple to use, have no side-effects or interactions with any other form of treatment, and are very effective particularly for nervous or emotional states and healing emotional imbalances such as depression, fear and stress. They are freely available, indeed are now stocked by Boots the chemist which shows how mainstream they have become.

You can consult with a registered practitioner, and they are simple to use and self diagnose but it would be better to have more in-depth knowledge of what each particular remedy can do if you want to do that.

Now you have the chance to learn how for free with an online introduction course. The course has come about as a result of a poll looking at the nation’s most popular emotional reactions to pressure and that is the theme of the new course.

Apparently most of us respond to pressure by worrying and becoming anxious, eat and drink the wrong things, become snappy or angry and a smaller number either overstretch themselves or become withdrawn. Hands up if you recognise any of those states?

If you would like to know how to deal with life’s pressures, but haven’t time to do the course, then here are some suggestions :

** Worrying and being anxious – If you are worrying about a specific situation, such as a job interview, Mimulus can help you to face your fears and Larch can help you regain your confidence if you are worrying you will fall at the first hurdle.

** Eating and drinking the wrong things – If you find yourself making the same food and drink mistakes again and again when under pressure, Chestnut Bud can help you to break the repetitive cycle and if your comfort eating makes you feel unhappy with yourself, Crab Apple can help to boost your body image.

** Becoming snappy or angry – If you find yourself snapping at those around you, Impatiens can help calm your frustration and if you have a tendency to fly off the handle, Cherry Plum can help you to keep control of your emotions.

** Becoming withdrawn – If you spend a lot of time feeling nostalgic for the past, Honeysuckle can help you to move on with your life and daydreamers can try Clematis which helps brings you back to reality allowing you to fully focus on the task at hand.

** Overstretching yourself – If you get so worked up and passionate about your endeavours that you have no time to relax, Vervain can help you readdress the balance. If you find it hard to say ‘no’ and stand up for yourself then Centaury can help and if it all gets too much and you feel completely overwhelmed, Elm can help you put things into perspective.

Personally, the one I am never without is Rescue Remedy which is a combination that is highly valuable to treat anyone who is upset and anxious or in shock and it seems to come out of my bag more often for other people than myself — but it is a very useful thing to carry.

It is possible to combine several remedies at once, as in Rescue Remedy the before making up your own mix can I suggest that you take the course and learn a little more about it.

The online Bach flower remedies introduction course can be accessed free at

If you would like general information, or to buy individual remedies, then go to where you can use the Remedy Chooser. This is a simple one page form that asks you to enter the emotions you are feeling and once you have completed this, based upon your responses it will design the correct remedy for you.