For Smelly Feet – Smelly Slippers – and More!

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I know that doesn’t sound like much of an improvement, but believe me it is. For anyone suffering from foot odour I have come across an amazing natural range of slippers for men and women that are infused with cinnamon so you even smell fragrant as you walk. And if problem skin on your heels is making you pile on the woolly socks then read on because Footkiss could be just what you are looking for.

This is certainly a new product to me as it was recently launched in the UK by Natur Boutique and my test-driving guineapig (actually my next door neighbour) was sceptical to say the least but bless him he was willing to give it a go. After a couple of days I enquired and he was full of praise and totally unwilling to give them back, which is certainly a vote of approval – and his wife is very happy with the results as well!

The sandals come in a variety of styles and wonderful natural fabrics from rattan to linen and even a softened (very softened) version of a loofah. The base on which your bare foot rests utilises the unique and powerful benefits of Vietnamese cinnamon which contains the highest amount of essential oils of any of the various species.
Cinnamon’s health benefits are well documented and include improving energy levels, and having antibacterial and antiseptic effects so they not only help keep your feet hygienic, relaxed and energized but also keep your feet healthy and looking, feeling and smelling great even on the hottest of days.

If you don’t believe that your footwear could be that beneficial to your health – and this all a bit too woo-woo and new age for you – then these cinnamon insoles were clinically trialled in a hospital in Vietnam. The trial confirmed that they helped with conditions such as fatigue, perspiration, foot odour, cold feet and toes, and dry and cracked skin.

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And More For Feet!
Thick hard skin builds up on the heels during the winter and our feet are not a pretty sight – more like an old drystone wall in fact as they become cracked, dry and rough. If you are not ready to show off your feet in sandals or indeed the backless cinnamon slippers there is a solution.

Footkiss Callus Removal Kit works in only ten minutes and uses professional, salon-based ingredients – Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to gently soften and dissolve dry, dead skin build-up without the use of pedicure knives and skin graters. So safer then, though I admit the process is a bit messy and squishy as you simply apply the special gel onto the supplied patches and stick on where required, leave for ten minutes and then remove the unwanted skin with the tool contained in the pack.

My tip is to spread a towel on the floor of the bathroom, sit on the loo seat and sit reading an improving book while it works. Then slough off the skin and rinse feet clean before applying the moisturizing balm they give you. You will find it at so get ready, the sun will shine soon!