How to improve the appearance of scars

September 28, 2010 by  
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When I suffered a car crash in the 1980s I was left with a prominent and rather unattractive scar on my arm, due to it being stitched in A&E by a nurse who had worked rather too long hours and seeing I suspect too many car accidents. What I wish had been available in time is a new product that came across my desk this week to help prevent, improve and reduce scarring.

Lily-C™ Silicone Scar Therapy wrap moulds to the natural curves of the body, helping to reduce redness and relieve the itching and discomfort associated with wounds. Used properly the manufacturers claim that it will soften, flatten and dramatically improve the appearance of your scar. Scarring can occur from many causes; whether they are post operative, accidental or a sports injury but they can all cause not just physical but emotional suffering as well.

Anything that can reduce that impact has got to be worth looking at and silicone scar therapy is clinically proven in the prevention, improvement and reduction of scarring. The silicone provides a protective barrier which occludes and hydrates skin helping to encourage its natural healing properties.

This product was originally designed for women who had had a Caesarean, but it was then realised that it could be used on all scars. It consists of a skin like layer of silicone measuring 5cms x 22cms and has an adhesive free lining allowing it to gently adhere to the skin without the use of irritating adhesives or additional taping. One additional benefit is that it also comes with a special LilyWash™ that is designed to gently cleanse Lily-C™ and renew the tacky lining allowing it to be used over and over again.

LilyPadz Lily-C Silicone Scar Therapy has a RRP of £34.99 and is available from Boots. If you have any difficulty, please visit the website at or you can telephone the company on 01753 202330.