Three Conventional Haemorrhoid Dismissal Methodologies

July 3, 2010

Hemorrhoid removal isn’t as complex or scary a procedure as it was.  It is , however , still considered kind of a last resort.  The reasons being that almost all of the time, hemorrhoids will actually heal themselves and surgery may also be quite painful and often dodgy though it is generally successful.  With advancement in medical science several pile removal techniques have surfaced in recent times.  These so called typical methods physically take away the tissue that causes the redness and pain.  
This is the same tissue that causes discomfort when passing stools or perhaps when you sit on a chair.  

There are 3 main pile removal techniques that are used by doctors.  

The first method involves making an incision in the swollen tissue and removing the exaggerated tissue.  This strategy helps with reducing agony and redness.  However lots of times the tissue does not heal correctly ensuing in an infection and worsening of the situation.  Even after surgery the operated vein may not return back to its original shape and state.  Sometimes the operated portion is stapled to close incision to avoid opening of the operated area due to pressure and strain.  Surgery won’t be an assured hemorrhoid removal technique.  

The second method to shed hemorrhoids involves tying an elastic tie to the distended part.  This strategy is called rubber band ligation.  This process cuts the blood flow to the distended varicose vein.  With no blood flow the haemorrhoid shrinks and becomes standard.  This method does work for some people however it is not a 100% assured method.  

Third on the list of typical pile removal methods is the laser system.  In this technique a laser beam is used to shrink the hemorrhoid.  This technique may require several sittings.  This technique is similar to surgery and might not always work for each and every person.  

Before you choose any of the conventional haemorrhoid removal methods do a detailed analysis.  If required take a second opinion from a different doctor.  Always do a proper required groundwork before you select a particular treatment option.

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