What Should You Know About Chronic Depression?

July 4, 2010

Chronic Depression is also known as Dysthymia.  Although not as serious as Major Depression, this is a severe illness.  Someone you know may have Chronic Depression and you would not know it.  Typically someone with this illness can live a regular life.  They go to work or school and go about their day to day lives without as much as creating a ripple in the water.  Of course it’s invisible to the outside world because the effects from this illness are on the inside.  There are both physical and mental results from this disease. 

Shaking, dizziness, or a fever won’t result from Chronic Depression.  There usually won’t be a rash.  But you may well feel helplessness, worthlessness and hopelessness.  Those affected may experience problems with sleep and insomnia.  The sufferer might be consumed by constant feelings of sadness and emptiness .  Death and suicide are considerations that a patient will have .  Usually people with chronic depression do a good job of hiding these signs. When mental illness exists you have to look very closely for signs and symptoms. They’re not always clear .

When you are approaching an illness such as Chronic Depression there are a few major options for treatment.  One of the most popular approaches is Psychotherapy.  You confront the mental ailment with a mental solution.  Through psychotherapy the doctor seeks the cause of depression and to create a positive outlook for the patient.  The other option is to prescribe antidepressants to help in controlling the disease.  It’s best to use both approaches at the same time.  Major Depression is often a result of Chronic Depression.  Therefore, as in with any illness, early detection of the illness cannot be underestimated. 

It’s usually not until everyday life problems arise that Chronic Depression is a noticeable issue.  When it impacts your ability to work or to relate with other people then something must be done.  Those who suffer from Chronic Depression are not crazy or mentally insane.  Care and support are needed to address the underlying issues.  Anyone can become a victim of this disease.  Having knowledge about it may one day assist you or someone you know in facing it.

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