Maca for Menopause

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Lucky women, usually vegetarians and the stress-free, find that they can sail through menopause but for many women there are unwanted and unwelcome side effects. Hot flashes for example are the bane of many women’s lives at this time and I wrote a whole report on how to alleviate them so a new product that can help is always welcome.

Maca comes from Peru and is an amazing superfood that was first used by the Inca more than 2000 years ago for energy and endurance. Cultivated for thousands of years at elevations over 14,000 feet, no other food plant on earth can survive the extreme weather conditions and intensive sunlight that this amazing super food grows in. The rich soil located at these high plateaus accounts for the high levels of trace minerals found in Maca and it is still in widespread use as a medicine and energy giving herb throughout Peru today.

Creative Nature’s Maca Root Powder, or Lepidum meyenii to give it its botanical name, is known as the Peruvian miracle herb and is actually a rare member of the radish family. Used by people as diverse as professional athletes and the elderly, among its health claims are that it helps people recover from depression, addictions, traumas, or disease as well as boosting energy.

Maca root increases energy, enhances stamina, mental clarity and athletic endurance and for women its potential balancing effect on the endocrine system alleviates menstrual symptoms and is also also high in calcium which is known to promote healthy bone formation. Maca contains substantial amounts of essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, Vitamin B1, B2, B12, C, E, Riboflavin, thiamine, ascorbic acid and essential fatty acids. It is also rich in sterols, alkaloids, tannins and saponins.

Whatever your menopausal, or non-menopausal, symptoms it would be worth giving Creative Nature’s Maca Root Powder a trial to see if it helps with hot flashes and palpitations as well as increasing energy levels. I would certainly be interested to hear what results you experience with it.

Try It For Less!
Creative Nature’s Maca root powder can be added to smoothies, soups, or taken in capsule form. If you have any trouble locating it then visit the website at and they are offering Healthy News readers a 10% discount on any of the healthy products on their website – just type in the code HEALTHANDWELLNESS if you order.

The Benefits of Chocolate for Older Women

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Now how could I resist telling you about this, particularly as we approach Christmas when you are bound to be given the odd box or two? My mother used to give me a tin of Roses, a ‘chest’ of Terry’s Old Gold and a box of Black Magic which started me on the road to a sweet tooth, but from which she also got to eat more chocolate than my father approved as she was only helping me out by eating at least half!

So in that spirit back to the benefits of chocolate for older women, which was studied in a controlled trial over 10-years by researchers at the University of Western Australia. Their findings were that women over 70 are less likely to die or be hospitalized due to heart disease if they are regular chocolate eaters. This is the first study in older women that demonstrates a link between chocolate intake and reduced atherosclerotic plaque, which causes ASVD (Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease).

Of the subjects involved in the research, more than 47% had less than a serving of chocolate per week; about 36% consumed one to six servings per week; and the remaining 17% had more than seven servings. A single serving in this case was equivalent to the amount of cocoa found in one cup of hot raw cocoa – or perhaps a tenth of the top tray of Black Magic (dark chocolate being healthier than milk).

The group that consumed the most chocolate had the least incidence of heart-related death or hospitalization (42 incidents); the group that had six servings or fewer had 90 incidents of cardiovascular-related problems; and the group that rarely consumed chocolate had the highest rate of heart-related problems (158 incidents).

Everyone in the trial regardless of how often they ate chocolate had similar overall results, which suggests that one serving per week could have significant benefits – if you can manage to keep it to that level!

This is not the only study to extol the benefits of chocolate: raw cocoa, the principal ingredient in chocolate, is rich in flavonoids. Previous studies have found that flavonoids have been associated with a 50% lower risk of heart-related deaths and in 2008 Italian researchers found that regular consumption of dark chocolate may reduce inflammation linked to heart and blood vessel disease.

If chocolate isn’t to your taste, then you can get the same benefit from foods rich in flavonoids, such as apples, apricots, blueberries, pears, raspberries, strawberries, cabbage, onions, parsley, and of course red wine as all have been shown to be helpful in postmenopausal women to prevent coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

Lower Risk of Breast Cancer Linked to Reduced Hormone Therapy

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For the first time scientists can show a direct link between reduced hormone therapy and declines in breast cancer. The researchers saw such a striking decrease, they believe they also have uncovered indirect evidence that hormones promote breast tumour growth. The declines occurred in the age groups that most widely embraced then abandoned hormone therapy.

The use of hormone therapy surged in the 1980s and ’90s but at the same time, there was a steady increase in the rate of breast cancer. In mid-2002, following a landmark report of the Women’s Health Initiative indicating that the risks of oestrogen plus progestin therapy outweighed its benefits, hormone therapy fell into widespread disfavour with millions of women either giving it up or looking for alternatives.

So HRT has long been associated with a high breast cancer risk and the best advice if you are taking it is to use the lowest dose possible for the shortest time you can in order to relieve hot flashes and night sweats. Many doctors assume that women can safely take hormones for four or five years but Dr. Rowan T. Chlebowski, first author of an article published this week in The Journal of the American Medical Association and an oncologist at U.C.L.A. Medical Center said “I don’t think you can say that now. I know some people have to take it because they can’t function, but the message now is that you really should try to stop after a year or two.”

If you are taking HRT for osteoporosis prevention, or want more information on natural hormone alternatives, then can I suggest you study the articles on my other health site at for a fuller picture.

The study has been published online by the Journal of Clinical Oncology and senior author Karla Kerlikowske, MD said “We show that the incidence of breast cancer decreases if you take the hormones away. The fact that we’re continuing to see a decrease in invasive cancer means that the effects of stopping the hormones may be long-lasting.”
The study uncovered a clear pattern: women 50 to 69 years old had the highest level of hormone usage — and showed the biggest reduction in invasive breast cancer when they stopped, from 40 cancers per 10,000 mammograms in 2002 to 31 cases in 2005, 35 cancers in 2006. There was a parallel drop in cancer among women older than age 70.

Strikingly, the scientists found that among women 40 to 49 years old, who were less likely to have been on hormone therapy, breast cancer rates did not change over the course of the decade studied. The study supports the idea that in giving such artificial hormones it was also promoting tumour growths.

Previous research has found that hormone treatment can cause delays in diagnosis by increasing breast density, making tumours harder to see on mammograms. Delayed diagnosis may increase the risk of successful treatment and it is also possible that hormones may feed the growth of some breast cancers or the blood vessels that tumours need to grow and spread.

How You Can Dramatically Cut Risk of Mouth Cancer with Diet – And Increase It

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Mouth cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the UK, and is the cause of more deaths than cervical cancer and testicular cancer combined with one death from it every five hours. I have previously highlighted the risks of mouth cancer and now there is news of a specific preventive that works extremely well in helping us avoid mouth cancer and points out exactly what to avoid. For the first time, folic acid intake has been shown to affect the risk of the disease and an unhealthy diet means a threefold increase in risk.

This new information comes from a study of 87,000 nurses who were followed for 30 years from 1976 by researchers from the Columbia University Medical Centre and Harvard School of Public Health. What they found was that women who consume high volumes of folic acid found in Vitamin B from vegetables and some fruits are much less likely to suffer from mouth cancer.

You will find high levels of folic acid in spinach, beetroot, potato, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, banana, oranges and peaches.

What to avoid:
The researchers also discovered that women who drank a high volume of alcohol and had low folic acid intake were three times more likely to develop mouth cancer than those who drank high volumes of alcohol but had high volumes of folic acid in their diet. Alcohol is one of the major risk factors for mouth cancer and those who drink to excess are four times more likely to be diagnosed. Alcohol leads to a reduction in folic acid metabolism by creating acetaldehyde which leads to a reduction of folic acid in the body.

As social habits have changed, so women have been drinking more and the rates of mouth cancer in women have been increasing for many years. It is also be linked to the fact that we are consuming less fresh fruit and vegetables than previous generations.

Previous studies have tended to focus on men, as they are twice as likely to suffer from the disease, but this new information also applies to them.

Recent research has also shown that an increase in food such as eggs and fish that contain Omega 3, and nuts, seeds and brown rice, which are high in fibre, can help decrease the risks. Also brushing twice a day and flossing are key ingredients in oral health and help keep your risk factor down. With its low survival rate, it is critical to pay attention to prevention as only around half of diagnosed cases survive for 5 years.

What to look for:
The Mouth Cancer Action Month Campaign aims to increase awareness and reverse this trend with the theme ‘If in doubt get checked out’. Early warning signs to look out for include a mouth ulcer that has not healed within three weeks, red or white patches in the mouth and any unusual swelling or lumps in the mouth. These are all signs that you should get your dentist or doctor to check you out as soon as possible.

Mouth cancer is twice more common in men than in women, though an increasing number of women are being diagnosed with the disease. Previously, the disease has been five times more common in men than women. Age is another factor, with people over the age of 40 more likely to be diagnosed, though more young people are now being affected than previously.

The two biggest risk factors are alcohol, gum disease and tobacco and if you both smoke and drink alcohol in excess you are up to 30 times more likely to be diagnosed with mouth cancer.

For more information visit or call the Dental Helpline, which offers free impartial advice to consumers on 0845 063 1188 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The Benefits Of Eating A Raw Food Diet

So I guess by reading this article, you may be asking what are the benefits to eating a raw food diet ? Well, the benefits of eating more raw foods are numerous and once you understand them you’ll probably wonder why you haven’t eaten more raw in the past. You’ll also think twice about eating dead cooked foods ever again.

Raw Foods Give You More Energy

I can’t tell you of one person I know that follows a raw food diet that doesn’t have more energy than the average person . I know that when I transitioned away from eating a diet made up of breads, dairy, and cooked foods, and adopted more of a raw foods diet, my energy went through the roof. And I’m not talking about the quick surge you would get from an espresso but alternatively long-lasting energy that enables you to do more with less.
An example, eating raw foods will allow your body to sleep less and have far more energy than you’ve ever felt before . When I’m eating at least 80% raw, I can easily function on just 4-5 hours of sleep. I literally bounce out of bed and don’t require any naps throughout the day. Oh yeah, did I mention that I workout every single day as well? Sometimes, even twice!

Energizing Enzymes
When following a raw food diet, there are several reasons why it will give you more energy . First, raw foods are rich in food enzymes. Enzymes are compulsory for every single reaction in the body. Unfortunately, our bodies only have a finite number of these enzymes, so when we run out, we run out of life! To add to this, when you heat foods above 118 degrees fahrenheit, you destruct the food enzymes that are naturally present in all raw foods. Therefore, if you eat a predominantly cooked foods diet, you’re not getting enough food enzymes, which means that your body will have to produce and use more of its own to digest and metabolize your foods.

The less energy you will have for activities if your body requires more energy to divert towards digestion . You will feel more lethargic and tired as your body is trying to breakdown “dead” foods and figure out what to do with them.

So the food enzymes apparent in raw foods are a big reason why it boosts your energy . They are the spark plugs and are intricately related to the next property that make raw foods so energy-boosting.

Life Force

When raw foods are left intact, they are also known as living foods . They are named “living” because they carry an incredible amount of life force.

Now, since every living being has an aura or energy field illuminating from their body, which foods do you think would enhance yours? Cooked foods that are dead or high energy raw foods ? I think we both know the answer.

As I like to say, “eat alive and you will thrive”.

Weight Loss and Beautiful Skin

The other highly sought-after quality of a raw foods diet is its ability to help you lose weight and beautify your skin . Almost all raw foodists have reported losing weight they could never lose. At the same time, they notice an instant improvement in their skin. They look younger and have a natural glow that comes about because of the “living” nature of raw foods, their abundance of enzymes, and of course the plethora of nutrients that are ingested when eating more fruits and vegetables.

You will find it easier to lose weight on a raw food diet because your getting more nutrients and, therefore, your body won’t crave “dead” foods. Second, the enzymes help to breakdown the foods you are eating and excess energy and fat stores in your body. Third, raw foods are water-rich, which helps you feel more satiated, as well as hydrated.

Many of these reasons also help us explain why living foods make you look younger and beautify your skin. Enzymes, life force, water, and high quality nutrients all play a role in natural skin care.

We could talk about the benefits of a raw food diet for hours but the only to truly understand them is to experience them for yourself. So why not take action today and enjoy the health, the body, and the vitality that you deserve!

Unknown Facts About Lowering Cholesterol Revealed By The Experts

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You don’t know how much poison you swallow day in and out. Much of it won’t kill you right away, but it is accumulating over time, you could just drop dead one day and that would be the end of it, so you need to start to reduce high cholesterol right now. That’s the way it works with cholesterol.You don’t want to die young, do you? Well, that is exactly what is going to happen to you if you don’t do something about all that cholesterol in your system immediately. Talk to a doctor and take some action to get it under control. They should be able to work something out for you that will help to lower your cholesterol.

Folks make a big deal out of lowering cholesterol, and they are right to do so. Do you want to die, or don’t you? If you don’t, then you want to lower your cholesterol, and you can do that by paying attention to this article and taking action.

Increase your fiber! This is an important piece of information that I have to give a lot of Americans today that can help in reducing high cholesterol, because too many people don’t even have a clue about it. Increase your intake of fiber foods and check out the dietary alternatives you have available.With a healthy diet, you can lower your cholesterol to more acceptable and healthy levels. A detox diet, I know, could actually do the magic. Why don’t you try a detox diet and focus on eating only fruit and vegetables, and drinking water for a week.

Fiber is roughage, and is a kind of food that is good for you. In consuming roughage you get to get rid of cholesterol in your system. Your cholesterol levels aren’t going anywhere but up as long as you continue to eat all that junk food. The only way to do it is to lay off the grease and eat more healthy foods.

The level of cholesterol in your system is bound to affect you whether you like it or not. Besides the fact that it makes you susceptible to a lot of illnesses, it can actually end up killing you by blocking your blood vessels. That’s why you have to lower it.Your system can only take so much cholesterol before it shuts down and tries to reboot. The problem is that rebooting a human being is not that easy; oftentimes the fellow winds up dead. So instead of letting you body try to restart itself, why not restart on a diet that will lower your cholesterol levels but not bring you down.

The Significance of Acupuncture on Infertility

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For centuries that have passed, this art and often considered as health practice called acupuncture has been a common practice in Asian countries. This defines the magnificence as well as complexity of pinning fine needles in various vital points of the body for different purposes like relieving pain and treats some health ailments. The basic effect of acupuncture on infertility is to regulate the person’s blood pressure by proper stimulation of the central nervous system. It greatly encourages the production and release of endorphins that play a vital part of inhibiting the pain and neurohormones and neurotransmitters in making the body heal on its own.

Acupuncture on infertility is also considered as one of the effective treatments on different infertility concerns specifically imbalances on hormones. The levels of hormones are leveled accordingly through increasing blood flow on different vital organs as it regulates the body system. Moreover it also helps enhance the vital functions of the ovaries as well as follicles. The endometrium is generally responsible for thickening the uterus lining which benefits from acupuncture because of increased blood flow. A particular infertility treatment like IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is also greatly aided in elevating its success rate. In fact, a number of specialists now offer acupuncture as an element that’s part of IVF treatment. This becomes more noticeable on the improvements made in the process of transferring the embryo that leads to more success in pregnancy. Another particular concern in infertility that can be treated with acupuncture as well is that of having spasmed tubes. It’s done by making these spasmed tubes into de-spasmed ones. Moreover, there are also many other infertility issues that can be effectively cured by acupuncture like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, increased follicle stimulating hormone, repeated miscarriage, idiopathic infertility, luteal phase defect, hyperprolactinemia, and also sperm DNA fragmentation.

The body has the capacity to heal itself naturally and acupuncture also enhances this ability. In this case, the more you undergo acupuncture, the healthier it is. In the case of women who are about to take IVF treatments or donor egg transfer, they are often treated with acupuncture for three to four months before going through the said processes. Acupuncture is recommended for women before and after they undergo embryo transfer. This is for the purpose of enhancing the the therapeutic effect as well as the different infertility cures. Basically, fertility treatments are often stressful for the involved person. And what is considered the best remedy for this is acupuncture. Because of the fact that acupuncture has many ways to add in the treatment of infertility, it is advisable for couples who suffer from this kind of concern to give every possible option a shot.

Acupuncture also has accompanied risks but is very minimal. Nevertheless, miscarriage can take place as acupuncture is not done properly on a pregnant woman. This makes it important to make sure that acupuncture is only done by a certified acupuncturist who is very well capable and specializes in the said therapy. Electro-acupuncture which is considered a more advanced type is used to prevent pain during labor. Hospitalization needs can be significantly reduced which prevents a person to spend much.

Above everything, recent studies have disclosed that the right blend of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and traditional medical help serve as the right formula for infertility treatment. In many cases, acupuncture and herbal medicines are considered to be more effective with the help of traditional medical treatments.

The Two Primary Causes of Candida

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Many people are not familiar with the name Candida, but everyone has heard of what it causes: yeast infections.  Candida is a type of yeast and Candida albicans is the specific yeast that is responsible for yeast infections and thrush in women, men, and children. 

The term Candida is used to indicate the name of the yeast and often to refer to a yeast overgrowth.  Another commonly used term is candidiasis which can be used interchangeably with yeast infection, although candidiasis could refer to any type of yeast overgrowth in the body.

Candida is naturally occurring in the human body and in most cases is kept in balance by beneficial bacteria (or flora) in the digestive system.  However, in some situations Candida can grow to dangerous levels and cause a number of health problems.  This is seen frequently in people with compromised immune systems. The incidence of yeast infections and Candida continue to rise in the United States and that can be attributed to two primary factors.

The first of these factors is the significant use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are prescribed for a wide range of illnesses and for good reason, but there is a downside, too.  The side effect of using certain types of antibiotics is that in addition to eliminating the bad bacteria, they can also kill the beneficial bacteria that people need in their digestive systems.  It is the beneficial bacteria that keep some organisms such as Candida down at reasonable levels in our bodies.  When the bacteria are no longer there, the Candida can quickly rise to unhealthy levels and the problems begin.

There are many times when it is absolutely necessary to take antibiotics, but one should take steps to replenish the beneficial bacteria in their body as soon as possible.  One safe and easy way to do this is with probiotics or acidophilus supplements found at most health food stores.  These supplements are inexpensive and are a great help in getting the body back into balance quickly.

The other basic reason the Candida is such a problem these days is our diet.  Candida thrives on food with lots of refined sugars, heavily processed foods, simple carbohydrates, dairy, and alcohol.  That list of foods comprises the bulk of the diet for so many people in the United States today.  As long as those foods continue to be the bulk of a person’s calories, it will be nearly impossible to get rid of Candida.  Even if Candida were not an issue, it is better to eat less processed foods and sugars anyway.

Fortunately, much research is being done on how to take care of existing Candida infections and keep them from returning.  For any solution to work it needs to look at the entire process.  Get rid of the infection, eliminate the root causes, and make the necessary changes to keep it from returning.


Electronic Air Filter: Why You Need One & Which One Should You Buy?

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We all take breathing for granted, and hardly ever give it a second thought.  We have existed this long without any apparent problems.  Why must we be worried about an issue we can not actually see…right?

Regrettably, there’s a concealed issue that we cannot see, but which will potentially do us serious physical harm if preventive steps aren’t taken.  The fact is we’re encompassed by air that is horribly dirty. It is polluted by fumes from gases and chemicals, pet dander, dust, dirt, smoke to name just a few of these unpleasant elements.

So, how can we remove these types of harmful particles from our home and make sure the air we are breathing is pure?  We need to use an electronic air filter!

Here’s Why You Should Choose An Electronic Air Filter:

An electronic air filter is a relatively inexpensive and low maintenance way of eliminating airborne contaminants from the atmosphere in your house. Using electrostatic technology to provide a kind of filterless air purifier, electronic air filters really are a safe method to keep your air particle, fume and dust-free.

These filterless air purifiers operate by employing the scientific principle of electrostatics. This law signifies that materials with opposite charges are attracted to one another. Thus electronic air filters harness the power of this principle by collecting the air and giving any particles gathered a charge. The charge emitted by electronic air filters is completely safe to humans, but pulls the collected contaminants to a plate inside the unit, where they stay, safety extracted from your breathing air.

A typical electronic air filter is ninety five percent effective in eliminating particles and fumes from the air in your home, collecting the offending substances on plates kept safely inside the unit. A few people find this idea to be a drawback to electronic air filters as these collection plates must be cleaned frequently.  This is, nevertheless, a relatively basic job, as the collection plates are easily cleaned by wiping them with a wet cloth. This simple maintenance job ensures that your electronic air purifier continues to be effective in keeping your atmosphere dust, fume and particle-free.

Additionally, an electronic air filter has the benefit of cleaning the oxygen of your entire home if the unit is positioned in the proper place and the correct settings are used. This enables you to clean the oxygen inside your whole house with the use of one device that is devoted as much as you are to keeping your loved ones healthy.

Finding the Right Electronic Air Filter:

A number of individuals become totally baffled when they’re attempting to shop for an electronic air filter. The options that are available to them turn out to be quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, with some work it’s feasible to discover the ideal match for your requirements. For instance, you should determine the air capacity of your home to make sure that the electronic air filter device you buy is large enough to take care of your needs. It is a lot less expensive to buy a bigger electronic air filter, instead of purchasing two smaller units.

Additionally you should look for an electronic air filter that will run quietly and not increase the noise in your home. Many consumers who purchase noisy equipment end up turning them off, which in turn renders the equipment worthless. This obviously is a waste of money and doesn’t improve the oxygen quality. Make certain you purchase a quiet electronic air filter device so that it will stay on.

You should also compare the service plans as well as warranties that accompany each model of available electronic air filters. Shopping around is fairly easy on the internet in the comfort of your home.  This way you’ll be equipped with all of the info you require, rather than base your decision on the information that a sales person provides.


Electronic air cleaners are a simple and effective yet low maintenance method for cleaning the oxygen you breathe. The fact they remove as much as ninety five percent of problem contaminants from the oxygen inside your home helps make the purchase of an electronic air cleaner a shrewd investment.  It’s going to help provide your loved ones with an atmosphere that’s safe and wholesome for everyone!

Wnat to read more?  Click here:  Do Air Purifiers Work?

Home Device For Detecting Breast Abnormalities

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A new hand held device for women to use at home as part of their regular monthly self examination can actually view the inside of their breasts to detect abnormalities and cancers. Developed in the UK, is now commercially available, and could prove invaluable for early detection and particularly useful for women with a family history of breast cancer.

A trial recently took place at the symptomatic breast clinic at Sunderland City Hospital which involved 300 women and was designed to assess whether a UK device, Breastlight, could accurately detect abnormalities and cancers. It works by shining a very bright but harmless red LED light through breast tissue where veins and other blood vessels show up as dark lines, often referred to as the ‘map’ of the breast. This is normal, but if a woman detects other dark spots or shadows, this is generally an indication that there is an abnormality. Of course there may be nothing to worry about such as a benign lesion like a bruise or blood filled cyst or it may require further investigation

The researchers found that it could detect malignancies as small as 7 mm and presented this data at the European Institute of Oncology’s 12th Milan Breast Cancer Conference. confirms that Breastlight, a device for women to use at home when carrying out their breast health awareness routine, detects malignant tumours, picking up lesions as small as 7mm.

The women in the trial had all been referred by their G P for a breast assessment and they were examined with Breastlight before their standard clinical assessment. The findings were then compared to those seen with mammography, ultrasound and biopsy. Breastlight was highly effective as it:

• detected 12 out of 18 malignant tumours which were then confirmed as positive using biopsy (giving a sensitivity of 67%)

• correctly identified as negative 240 out of 282 breasts (giving a specificity of 85%)

• detected malignant tumours as small as 7mm (it is generally accepted that malignancies below 1.8cm are non-palpable)

• detected a number of variants of cancers regardless of age or density of breast tissue or menopausal status of women1

The researchers were impressed with the sensitivity and specificity of the Breastlight device though of course it should not in any way replace mammography but that can provide an early warning as part of an early warning screening routine as it can reliably pick up abnormal lumps which can be further investigated to assess whether benign or malignant. It could also be extremely useful for women who have confirmed recurrent benign cysts and find it difficult to examine themselves.

In addition to trial in Sunderland, Breastlight usage has been evaluated at-home in a User Study involving over 1,200 women that reported it encouraged breast examination, at recommended frequency levels, and gave women confidence in their breast examination. 80% of women said they felt more confident when using Breastlight in addition to their existing routine and it increased the frequency of examination considerably.

It is not intended to replace but to augment regular self examination, backed up by regular mammograms. You should find it in major Boots stores, online at or at with a recommended price of 84.99 – not cheap, but as an early warning system for cancer it could prove priceless.

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